Saturday, June 6, 2009

School Awards Day (aka the post where I exercise my rights to brag about my kids)

My big girls had school awards day last Tuesday. J's kindergarten awards were pretty standard. They do some songs, get a diploma, a few awards, and have a slideshow. It was cute. I thought I was going to make it through without a problem. It was looking good on me not crying until the slideshow. I'm a sucker for a montage. So...I'm 0 for 2. I have 2 more chances to not cry at kindergarten awards.
Here she is with her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. E. Mrs. E gave her a "Way to Go" award, for always being a good listener and following directions. Her good behavior in kindergarten was legendary this year. Seriously, several mom's have come up to me and asked how I get her to behave so well, and listen so well. My answer, she was kind of born that way. She also got a reading award, and a kindergarten diploma.
This is her and her best girlfriend from her class singing during the "show" portion of the awards. They are always so sweet together.
B has reached the grade level where awards are achievement based, and her grades are given in percentages. She got straight A's all year, and we are very proud of her accomplishments. The subject area excellence awards are given for year end averages of 95% and above. There were 2 subjects that her year end average was 94% (social studies and language, just missed the cut off). The awards she received were: Math Excellence, Science Excellence, Reading Excellence, Texas Readers Club, Citizenship, and Honor Roll. I know I'm her mom and everything, so I'm biased...but seriously...I think she's awesome. She is intelligent, kind, and beautiful. I think I've hit the kid jackpot with these 4. Look out world, here she comes.

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Carmen said...

So they are beautiful, well behaved, and brainy...amazing.