Friday, July 31, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 7

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this blog is going to be longer than a Webster's Dictionary soon. I know, it's a sickness. I post TOO MANY pictures.

Day 7 of our trip, Wednesday, was an eventful day...hence the picture overload. The activity for Wednesday morning was tie dying shirts. It was fun and they looked really cute (until the washing machine freaked out and ruined them, lol). That's okay, it was still a fun experience. I promised the girls that we would do new ones. I need to get on that before school goes back in a few weeks.
I take too many pictures of this kid. She loves having her picture taken, which doesn't help.
Leia pitching the ball to her uncle. She has a great arm.
In the afternoon we headed over to do a trail ride. My SIL was so sweet to take the little peas for us so that Daniel and I could both go with B&J. Xander is probably wondering why we don't own one of these nifty backpacks. He could live in something like this with his extreme fondness for being held 24/7. I don't know why seeing her carrying him around like this brings a tear to my eye, but it does. It's like family reunion bonding at it's photo form.
Leia FINALLY got her long awaited "WIDE ON A HO'SE". She was looking forward to this for months. She was too small to be allowed on a trail ride. But, she was able to sit on the horse and walk around a bit. So, in her mind, she rode the heck out of that horse...and she was happy. Though she did try to convince us to take her back to do it again, which unfortunately didn't happen. I'll have to get her on a horse again somewhere here in TX.
This college kid who was working up there for the summer was such a sweetheart, and stinking adorable. He's a BYU student. I'm getting so old that I'm finding myself saying things like "such a nice boy" about a 19-20 year old kid. Call the assisted living facility, I'm on my way!
Julianne on her horse, "Sage".
Me on a horse...first time ever...and I lived to tell about it. I didn't do anything embarassing, luckily. My horse liked to run though, which I didn't really appreciate. I was riding "Mason".
Daniel was in charge of the camera, so that I didn't fall off my horse attempting to take pictures. Most of the on horse photos were blurry. But here is one that turned out all right. Our trail ride was an hour long, and included crossing rivers, rock piles, going through the forest, etc. We saw a few animals. Juli's horse tried to take her out into the water instead of walking across the rock pile, and the cowboy had to go herd her horse back into line. It was pretty fun.

Bella on her horse, "Trigger".
After we finished with our trail ride we took the kids over to this nearby area, the name of which I can't remember. There was a waterfall (my camera died at the moment I was about to snap a picture of it). There used to be a powerplant of some sort there. It is really pretty.
This is the water flume area. I took a picture of the sign below, in case you are a nerd and want more information than the vagueness that I've provided.

That brings Wednesday to a close. I feel like I'm never going to finish blogging this trip! I promise, I'll be done soon and stop holding you hostage with my endless vacation slide show.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 6

Tuesday was my turn for the activity, so we did crafts. I ordered 5 different crafts from Oriental trading and it turned out pretty well...with one exception. The foam cabin sets that I ordered did not come with glue, nor were they self stick. They were listed as complete kits, so I was disappointed. I suppose I should have tried to put one together in advance...that would have indicated that I needed to bring glue. Oh well, there were 4 other crafts to do (sand art necklaces, forest frisbees, color your own puzzles, and color your own slap bracelets) so it wasn't so bad. The kids just took the cabin kits with them to complete later (whenever they could get a hold of some glue, lol).

Excuse the fact that I only packed one piece of outerwear for each of my kids, so it looks like they are wearing the same thing in every picture, it was unusually cold there.

On Tuesday afternoon, I put the little peas down for a nap at the cabin while Daniel and the big girls went on a little hike up to this waterfall. They were supposedly going up to Ram's Pass, but that turned out to be too much hike for their little legs, so they turned around at this point.
Isn't it a shame that most of the beautiful places (not including Hawaii) in this country are miserably cold in the winter? I'm not a fan of cold...otherwise I would definitely move somewhere this visually satisfying.
Leia learned how to play Mario Bros on my DS, or as she calls it my "boing boing" As in, "Mama, can I pway your boing boing?" Before this she only wrote on the screen with the pen, and didn't actually operate the buttons. As for the name, I still call them Game Boys (even though they are not Game Boys) so we think she is trying to say Game Boy, because sometimes "boing boing" is "boing boy".
Thank goodness for movies and laptops. They needed some down time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 5 *edited

I forgot a few of Monday's events. We also went "downtown" in Cooke City and did the traditional stuff that Daniel has been doing since his childhood, went to the little store, had ice cream, bought souveniers, etc. Bella got a Buffalo purse and candy. Jules got a wolf purse and candy. Leia got a blue moose which she named Blueberry Moose and candy. Xander got a stuffed rattlesnake and candy. Where else could you buy things like a Buffalo purse but places like Montana?
Someone was really enjoying this dum-dum.

Monday night our SIL Cassy planned a FHE service project putting together little mending kits for some type of charity. I can't remember the name of it.Our SIL Kristina also planned this Ice Cream making activity for Monday night. The kids had fun rolling ours...until they got bored and acted like I was a slave driver for expecting them to continue to roll it for 10 minutes.***End of updated section***
Day 5 of our trip brought a cousin scavenger hunt, a pinata, and more family fun. :) Here is Leia and her Grandpa. He hadn't seen her since she was 2 weeks old. She certainly has grown.
Jules taking her turn beating the pinata.

Montana Trip: Day 4

Day 4 of our trip was Sunday. We had church in the barn, a pot luck dinner, and the girls enjoyed playing with their set of 3 matching girl cousins. Each of our girls matches up with Daniel's brother Chris's 3 girls. We shared a cabin, so that worked out well. We also each have a baby boy. It's funny how our families match right up. I don't remember this sign being on the barn last time, it must be somewhat new.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 3

We left Denver on Saturday morning for the last leg of our trip to Montana. It was a pretty smooth trip. We stopped in Cody WY for groceries, because it is the nearest grocery store to our destination (which was still an hour and a half away). My favorite part of the drive is that last part when we go over Dead Indian Pass. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The pictures really don't do it justice.

So, we made it there safely, arriving in Cooke City MT at 6pm on Saturday July 11. More reunion trip coverage to come. Probably Monday, I have a busy weekend planned. :)

Montana Trip: Day 2

We headed out of Wichita Falls pretty early, but we had a long way to go to get to Denver. It did not help when Daniel switched a setting on the GPS and ended up taking us unintentionally into New Mexico. It added an hour onto our trip. On the upside New Mexico was quite pretty, and I don't think we had ever been there before.

We stayed at the Denver Hyatt Place Tech Center. I have to say, I strongly recommend you stay there if you are ever going through Denver. It was a GREAT hotel for a very low price, $72.

Montana Trip: Day 1

I spent a ridiculous amount of time planning and executing this road trip. I planned, packed, and prepared for everyone. Daniel put the roof rack on the car Thursday morning, and showed up at the departure time to get in the car. Everything else was a one woman show. We traveled to Wichita Falls TX on Thursday night to get a jumpstart on the very long drive.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

3rd Birthday

Before I start the rundown of our trip, I should post about Leia's Birthday. We celebrated before we left because we just couldn't bring presents and birthday things in our already completely stuffed to exploding minivan. No big party this year, only a little celebration with just us. She was perfectly happy to celebrate it early. The cutest thing she said about her birthday... "Weia having a birf-day! I going to b-whoa candles and make a wish!"
Her gifts from us included her own Bendaroos (she's always playing with B's and J's) and a case, coloring books, sticker books, twist up crayons, crayola wonder princess set, sidewalk chalk, etc. a blender set and birthday cake play set, a Thomas DVD, and 3 Disney princess nightgowns.Bella's specialty is birthday hats. If it's your birthday...she's going to make you a hat. Leia sat next to her and gave her explicit instructions about what she wanted on her hat. Here she is modeling it. I'm so glad my girls have sisters. They are so fun to watch.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We're Home

We are officially home from a seemingly endless vacation. Vacation is a bit of a stretch. We are home from our trip to Montana. It was great to see all of Daniel's family, but the 30 hour drive each way to a word...sucked. Get ready for 12 posts chronicling our 12 day trip. I know you can hardly wait ;-). It's my blog and I reserve the right to bore you senseless at my leisure. Isn't it great?!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Haircut

The stud of my life got his first haircut today. He sat so still on the booster chair, it was unbelievable. The stylist said that she wished she had a video camera because she's never seen a baby respond that well to a haircut. He even looked down patiently and let her shave the back. His idiot mother forgot the camera, so she had to take pictures afterward.
The back view.

Flashing the teeth that are heartbreakingly fabulous. His sisters
and I have decided that he is not allowed to marry...he belongs to us.


L loves to put her head on J's shoulder and watch her play her DS. How cute are they?

4th of July

I know...I'm late posting anything about the 4th, maybe my absence here has not clearly indicated that my summer is conspiring to kill me. So, you get what you get, until school is in session again. Our 4th was relatively low key. We attended a pancake breakfast at church in the morning, hung out at home, grilled some hot dogs, etc. Daniel took the girls to see fireworks, but I stayed home because someone started falling down on the ground crying for his crib around 7pm...which didn't bode well for fireworks. Surprisingly, I could see our community fireworks show perfectly well standing right in my driveway. So, for future reference, we don't need to fight the crowds.