Thursday, July 23, 2009

3rd Birthday

Before I start the rundown of our trip, I should post about Leia's Birthday. We celebrated before we left because we just couldn't bring presents and birthday things in our already completely stuffed to exploding minivan. No big party this year, only a little celebration with just us. She was perfectly happy to celebrate it early. The cutest thing she said about her birthday... "Weia having a birf-day! I going to b-whoa candles and make a wish!"
Her gifts from us included her own Bendaroos (she's always playing with B's and J's) and a case, coloring books, sticker books, twist up crayons, crayola wonder princess set, sidewalk chalk, etc. a blender set and birthday cake play set, a Thomas DVD, and 3 Disney princess nightgowns.Bella's specialty is birthday hats. If it's your birthday...she's going to make you a hat. Leia sat next to her and gave her explicit instructions about what she wanted on her hat. Here she is modeling it. I'm so glad my girls have sisters. They are so fun to watch.

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Suzy Q said...

I love that cheesey smile with all the presents. She's getting so big! So excited to do Pre-School with her, she's such a cutie.