Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 6

Tuesday was my turn for the activity, so we did crafts. I ordered 5 different crafts from Oriental trading and it turned out pretty well...with one exception. The foam cabin sets that I ordered did not come with glue, nor were they self stick. They were listed as complete kits, so I was disappointed. I suppose I should have tried to put one together in advance...that would have indicated that I needed to bring glue. Oh well, there were 4 other crafts to do (sand art necklaces, forest frisbees, color your own puzzles, and color your own slap bracelets) so it wasn't so bad. The kids just took the cabin kits with them to complete later (whenever they could get a hold of some glue, lol).

Excuse the fact that I only packed one piece of outerwear for each of my kids, so it looks like they are wearing the same thing in every picture, it was unusually cold there.

On Tuesday afternoon, I put the little peas down for a nap at the cabin while Daniel and the big girls went on a little hike up to this waterfall. They were supposedly going up to Ram's Pass, but that turned out to be too much hike for their little legs, so they turned around at this point.
Isn't it a shame that most of the beautiful places (not including Hawaii) in this country are miserably cold in the winter? I'm not a fan of cold...otherwise I would definitely move somewhere this visually satisfying.
Leia learned how to play Mario Bros on my DS, or as she calls it my "boing boing" As in, "Mama, can I pway your boing boing?" Before this she only wrote on the screen with the pen, and didn't actually operate the buttons. As for the name, I still call them Game Boys (even though they are not Game Boys) so we think she is trying to say Game Boy, because sometimes "boing boing" is "boing boy".
Thank goodness for movies and laptops. They needed some down time.

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