Friday, July 31, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 7

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this blog is going to be longer than a Webster's Dictionary soon. I know, it's a sickness. I post TOO MANY pictures.

Day 7 of our trip, Wednesday, was an eventful day...hence the picture overload. The activity for Wednesday morning was tie dying shirts. It was fun and they looked really cute (until the washing machine freaked out and ruined them, lol). That's okay, it was still a fun experience. I promised the girls that we would do new ones. I need to get on that before school goes back in a few weeks.
I take too many pictures of this kid. She loves having her picture taken, which doesn't help.
Leia pitching the ball to her uncle. She has a great arm.
In the afternoon we headed over to do a trail ride. My SIL was so sweet to take the little peas for us so that Daniel and I could both go with B&J. Xander is probably wondering why we don't own one of these nifty backpacks. He could live in something like this with his extreme fondness for being held 24/7. I don't know why seeing her carrying him around like this brings a tear to my eye, but it does. It's like family reunion bonding at it's photo form.
Leia FINALLY got her long awaited "WIDE ON A HO'SE". She was looking forward to this for months. She was too small to be allowed on a trail ride. But, she was able to sit on the horse and walk around a bit. So, in her mind, she rode the heck out of that horse...and she was happy. Though she did try to convince us to take her back to do it again, which unfortunately didn't happen. I'll have to get her on a horse again somewhere here in TX.
This college kid who was working up there for the summer was such a sweetheart, and stinking adorable. He's a BYU student. I'm getting so old that I'm finding myself saying things like "such a nice boy" about a 19-20 year old kid. Call the assisted living facility, I'm on my way!
Julianne on her horse, "Sage".
Me on a horse...first time ever...and I lived to tell about it. I didn't do anything embarassing, luckily. My horse liked to run though, which I didn't really appreciate. I was riding "Mason".
Daniel was in charge of the camera, so that I didn't fall off my horse attempting to take pictures. Most of the on horse photos were blurry. But here is one that turned out all right. Our trail ride was an hour long, and included crossing rivers, rock piles, going through the forest, etc. We saw a few animals. Juli's horse tried to take her out into the water instead of walking across the rock pile, and the cowboy had to go herd her horse back into line. It was pretty fun.

Bella on her horse, "Trigger".
After we finished with our trail ride we took the kids over to this nearby area, the name of which I can't remember. There was a waterfall (my camera died at the moment I was about to snap a picture of it). There used to be a powerplant of some sort there. It is really pretty.
This is the water flume area. I took a picture of the sign below, in case you are a nerd and want more information than the vagueness that I've provided.

That brings Wednesday to a close. I feel like I'm never going to finish blogging this trip! I promise, I'll be done soon and stop holding you hostage with my endless vacation slide show.

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