Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bedroom Shuffle

My entire house is in shambles. We decided...well, I decided really...that the kids needed to be separated into 4 rooms. Jules had decided that she was ready to not share with her little sister, Captain Destructo anymore. So, we were going to put the 2 little kids together so that both big girls would have their own rooms. That lasted 1 night. Then we realized that Xander is a light sleeper and Leia is a loud sleeper, tossing and turning and kicking the wall (Bella claims that she snores too). So, needless to say it didn't pan out. So we went to plan B (which was my original suggestion). We completely cleaned out the office downstairs (it has solid doors, just no closet), moved Xander in there (which is more convenient in many ways) and moved Leia back into Xander's room...which was hers before he was born. We moved all toys into the kids own bedrooms, and are getting rid of a few old furniture pieces in the loft. It will not be a playroom anymore. They never really did much playing in it anyway...just kept destroying it over and over. So, they have plenty of space to play in their bedrooms, and the loft will now have the "office" stuff in it, bookshelves and a couch. It will be like an open library. That was the concession that I made in negotiations with Daniel. He still needed somewhere to have a desk, and the kids would rather have their own private bedrooms than a big messy playroom and shared bedrooms. So, it's a win/win. The win part for me is that I don't have to look at Daniel's horrifically messy office anymore, and I don't have to keep a bunch of diapers, clothes, toys, etc of Xander's all over the downstairs to avoid going up and down 5,000 times per day. When Xander is ready to get out of his crib, I'm going to get a twin bed and a wardrobe piece for that room so that he will have hanging space. Right now it just has his crib, dresser, and IKEA toy storage unit.


Daniel said...

I'm sore.

Fooferoo said...

Isn't bedroom shuffling fun? I hate that cribs don't fit through doorways and have to be taken apart, yuck!