Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it over yet?

The room formerly known as our office.
Summer is coming rapidly to a close, and my blogging time has been near unto non-existent. We are almost finished with our whole house rearrange, but its been taking forever. Those of you who have seen our office know that Daniel suffers from some kind of hoarding tendencies (genetic, and I hope the kids don't inherit it). I have spent the last 9 years trying to keep his junk isolated into one room of the house. The junk is mainly electronic in nature. He says I make it worse by throwing all of his miscellany from the rest of the house into his designated space. I'm just trying to keep mess from overtaking the rest our home. As we considered a rearrange though. I think that it is best that he doesn't have a room with door for cluttering at all. Why not fix the problem, instead of isolating and hiding it into a confined space right? Granted he probably wouldn't have a problem at all, if he had more time to deal with stuff and stay organized. But free time...is at a premium around here. So, his giant desk is now in the loft and he has been diligently attempting to deal with all of the mountain of things that were removed from the office. So, I guess I can't complain. I wish he was finished sorting through it all though. My patience is wearing thin.

We are enjoying the kids all having their own space though. And, I have been spending a lot more time playing toys with the little kids now that we have that room to keep toys and things downstairs.

Here is a picture that I took of the office from the doorway about a year ago. It had not changed much in a year...except to get slightly worse. So glad to not have to look at that or close the door anymore.

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