Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 8

I took this photo from out in front of the barn and cabin so that I could remember the view.
On Thursday, we took some family photos...you know the obligatory family reunion photos. It was more difficult than you might expect because some mysterious little fingers turned off the image stabilization on my lens and the morning pictures were quite blurry. At least many of them were blurry, plus the sun was rising and causing some weird effects. To top it off, an elderly lady was helping by taking the big group picture, and wasn't actually looking through the viewfinder on the camera, so most of us were cut off. We tried again in the evening and got better results. Hopefully the family won't beat me up for posting photos of them all over the blog. I figure since I'm not providing their names and contact information...we should be okay, lol.

This little stream ran between our cabin and the barn. The kids all spent a lot of time playing in it.
Xander, looking handsome...as usual. I was in charge of lunch on Thursday, so I didn't get any pictures of the activity...which was some type of water balloon slingshot event.
Here is the photo of us and Daniel's grandparent's. The kids Great-grandparents.

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Shauna said...

Love Love Love this pics and report. It was like looking at my own family. I love Cook City (n the summer), we went there whne my parents were serving a mission.