Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Montana Trip: Day 9

On Friday morning we got the cabin cleaned up and packed up. Daniel took the kids for rides on the 4-wheeler, then we packed lunches and everyone who was still in town took a drive up Lulu Pass Road. It was a mini-van invasion.We saw this deer on the way down the pass as we were leaving. I had to get down on my stomach in the gravel to take the picture below...but it was worth it.The whole way up the pass is like an ocean of beautiful wildflowers.There were some old decaying cabins along the way, and various remains from an old copper mine.We all picnicked up on a hill.After we ate, and the kids played for awhile, the girls and I followed some others up to an area that had some snow still on the ground, and played some more. It was quite a walk up a steep incline.It was Leia's first time in snow. She wanted to make snowballs, but couldn't get the hang of it. Bella decided to help her out.Below is the view back down to the car from where we were playing in the snow.Believe it or not, that concludes the reunion portion of our trip. I'm guessing you never believed that you'd have to hear quite so much about it.

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Gardener said...

Sorry about he digestive tract incident, Tiger Lily was having issues while we were up there. I must say that the aftereffects (meaning sickness)of this family get together were much better or non existent than the last get together.