Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music Lessons

B and J started music lessons this week. It took me ages to find a teacher for J to take violin. She started asking for violin lessons (as her activity choice) as soon as we finished soccer in the spring, but finding a violin teacher in our area proved to be difficult. Luckily for me, the teacher that I wanted, didn't end up moving away this summer. She agreed to take both the girls. B for piano, and J for violin. B decided on piano lessons after failing to think of anything that she might be more interested in for her activity this fall. She seems pretty excited about it though. They have both been practicing without complaint (so far). Since J needs so much help practicing her violin, I've had to practice with her. I'm pretty sure that I will be able to play the violin too at the rate we're going, lol. I'm having a hard time playing her 1/4 size violin with my adult sized fingers.

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