Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dancing Machine

X has a song in his heart. For as long as I can remember he has been swaying, clapping, and dancing to the slightest musical sounds. I've been trying to capture these moves on video unsuccessfully for awhile. He tends to stop dancing when I turn the camera on. B was playing with a toy harmonica the other night and I managed to get some of the moves on tape.

Dancing Machine from Erika on Vimeo.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I turned 31 yesterday. Birthdays sort of lost their appeal last year when I started getting old. It's all fun and games until your age starts with a "3". But seriously...look at these 4 amazing human beings that I got to manufacture in my 20's. It was a successful decade.

The kids had their annual primary program at church yesterday too. We decided after some emotional meltdowns during the practice session that I would sit up on the stand with Juli and help her go up to the microphone to say her part. She didn't hyperventilate or run away we count that as a success. She started to cry once, but I whispered in her ear that no one was looking at her, and reminded her that I would help her if she forgot her words, and she calmed down pretty quickly. I think when she got to the front she felt like everyone was looking at her.

Also, I've got to say that my brother wins the award for most thoughtful birthday gift this year (we don't always buy each other birthday gifts, but he went above and beyond this year). Here is a picture/link:

Though I have to say...the picture doesn't do it justice at all. It is from the Disney Gallery of Light Collection, and I totally love it. Everybody knows I'm a Disney girl for life, and Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. I'm trying to figure out the best place to put it where the kids can see it, but not break it.

The birthday gift that I never would have bought myself, but L-O-V-E was the CHI flat iron that my parents gave me. Seriously, how did I live 31 years without a flat iron? I do not know.

So Daniel and the kids made me a cake. We went to church all afternoon. Went to my parents house for dinner, cake, and presents (Daniel and the kids got me some candy and a DS game that they picked out), and I'm totally ordering us some new bedding and calling it a birthday present. And that sums up my 31st birthday. I'm ready for another year.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today the little kids and I made this cake from Pioneer Woman, while we were waiting for the cable guy. Mine did not come out as brown on top as was indicated in the picture, and I cooked it for 30 minutes in the oven instead of 20-25. I think that a cast iron pan is more critical than the recipe indicated. I was using a heavy bottom stainless Emerilware skillet (as I do not have a cast iron pan). It was still good, but not the fabulousness that I was expecting from reading the recipe.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sometimes these peas are so physically pains me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I think the Scholastic Book Order people are getting smarter. When I was a little girl, those wonderful little book fliers were filled with individual books, costing just a couple of dollars each. Now, they are mostly filled with expensive multi-book sets costing $10-20 each, and quite a few hardcovers are also included. They have quite a racket going. As if I need my kids bringing home $50 worth of books at a time into our already overflowing book collection. Sigh. All 6 of us have a weakness for books. Don't even get me started on the school book fairs.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


X's current interests revolve around wearing an excessive amount of necklaces, pushing his Tonka truck around the house, crying loudly, biting people, and stealing the silverware basket out of the dishwasher. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why can't we just do things for her?

J is in 1st grade now. Her school has something called "Gator of the Week". I don't know if they do it in all the grades, but holy smokes if it doesn't stop soon she's going to need a therapist. I am not joking. I don't think parents attend them in 1st grade, because I was not notified about the time slot. I definitely would have been there for emotional support if I had known.

Due to our unfortunate last name, they tend to always be the 1st person in events like these. That is probably a good thing. Ripping off the bandaid and whatnot. I should have expected that since she cried and refused to answer any questions during her Kindergarten Gator spotlight, 1st grade was not going to be any different.

As I was doing my usual question and answer session after school yesterday (aka mom annoys us with 500 questions about our day as soon as we get home), J mentioned that she was Gator of the Week this week. Crap. I feigned an upbeat tone..."Did you do your presentation of the pages that we made?" "Yes." (lip starts to quiver, eyes cast out the window). Double crap. "Did you cry a little?" "Yes." (tears start to roll). Crap. Then I proceeded with my usual speech about how your classmates and teacher are your friends. I'm sure you did just fine. You don't have to be afraid, etc., etc.

Then B asked the inevitable question, "You cried?! Why did you cry?" No answer. I had to explain to B that she just gets nervous and scared when everyone is looking at her. B didn't really understand. She and I are kind of attention gluttons. We just wish that we could do everything for J. We both have a bad habit of answering questions for her, rather than making her talk for herself, and generally sheltering her from all of the social interactions that make her uncomfortable. We're enablers. Sigh.

When I signed her daily folder this morning underneath the ever present green smiley face it said. "When I introduced J as Gator of the Week this morning she started crying". Great. Thanks for reminding me that my kid is a complete emotional wreck in certain social situations. I wish that I had some great idea of how to help her. I just don't.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Do and Preschool

Leia and I decided to go get her hair cut on Monday, in preparation of starting preschool Tuesday. She has a lot of curl at the back, and it is still just starting to thicken up from the baby hair stage. So, I just had her even it up as much as possible. It was a difficult task, but turned out pretty cute. At least it looks less messy and crazy.The main event this week was Leia starting preschool. We are participating in a preschool co-op with 8 other moms/friends. It is 2 mornings a week, 9am-11am. So, it is not a big time span, but she is loving it nonetheless. She would still prefer to get on her bike every morning and head to the big school, but I've convinced her that this is the first step, and next year she will have more days of preschool, and the next year...big school.

Here she is getting her first, first day of school photo taken. She is always ready to be photographed. Whenever I try to take a picture of anyone or anything, she insists that I also take a picture of her.
After we dropped her off at school, Xander kept looking all around the car trying to figure out where all of his sisters were at. I think he's starting to adjust. He still hates it every morning when some or all of them leave though. If you let him sneak out the door, he tries to chase the girls' bikes to school. Crazy guy.