Monday, September 21, 2009


I turned 31 yesterday. Birthdays sort of lost their appeal last year when I started getting old. It's all fun and games until your age starts with a "3". But seriously...look at these 4 amazing human beings that I got to manufacture in my 20's. It was a successful decade.

The kids had their annual primary program at church yesterday too. We decided after some emotional meltdowns during the practice session that I would sit up on the stand with Juli and help her go up to the microphone to say her part. She didn't hyperventilate or run away we count that as a success. She started to cry once, but I whispered in her ear that no one was looking at her, and reminded her that I would help her if she forgot her words, and she calmed down pretty quickly. I think when she got to the front she felt like everyone was looking at her.

Also, I've got to say that my brother wins the award for most thoughtful birthday gift this year (we don't always buy each other birthday gifts, but he went above and beyond this year). Here is a picture/link:

Though I have to say...the picture doesn't do it justice at all. It is from the Disney Gallery of Light Collection, and I totally love it. Everybody knows I'm a Disney girl for life, and Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. I'm trying to figure out the best place to put it where the kids can see it, but not break it.

The birthday gift that I never would have bought myself, but L-O-V-E was the CHI flat iron that my parents gave me. Seriously, how did I live 31 years without a flat iron? I do not know.

So Daniel and the kids made me a cake. We went to church all afternoon. Went to my parents house for dinner, cake, and presents (Daniel and the kids got me some candy and a DS game that they picked out), and I'm totally ordering us some new bedding and calling it a birthday present. And that sums up my 31st birthday. I'm ready for another year.


Janice and Jessica said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Wait till you hit 46 and are staring 50 in the face. Just teasing!! It sneaks up faster than you know.

emilyw said...

Happy Birthday, my Texas friend! It sounds like it was a great one!