Friday, September 4, 2009

New Do and Preschool

Leia and I decided to go get her hair cut on Monday, in preparation of starting preschool Tuesday. She has a lot of curl at the back, and it is still just starting to thicken up from the baby hair stage. So, I just had her even it up as much as possible. It was a difficult task, but turned out pretty cute. At least it looks less messy and crazy.The main event this week was Leia starting preschool. We are participating in a preschool co-op with 8 other moms/friends. It is 2 mornings a week, 9am-11am. So, it is not a big time span, but she is loving it nonetheless. She would still prefer to get on her bike every morning and head to the big school, but I've convinced her that this is the first step, and next year she will have more days of preschool, and the next year...big school.

Here she is getting her first, first day of school photo taken. She is always ready to be photographed. Whenever I try to take a picture of anyone or anything, she insists that I also take a picture of her.
After we dropped her off at school, Xander kept looking all around the car trying to figure out where all of his sisters were at. I think he's starting to adjust. He still hates it every morning when some or all of them leave though. If you let him sneak out the door, he tries to chase the girls' bikes to school. Crazy guy.

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