Thursday, October 22, 2009

Berenstain Bears

I have a longstanding love affair with the Berenstain Bears. We have approximately 65 Berenstain Bear books dating back to somewhere around 1983. My kids love them just as much as I did. This post is not so much about the Bearenstain Bears though, as it is about my insanity.

We also love the Berenstain Bears show that used to be on PBS quite a few years ago. They also had a Saturday morning version when I was a child. But I digress, we recently changed our cable/phone/internet over to Comcast which has left us with On Demand access to some episodes of the PBS show. Which reminded me...every time I've watched that PBS show in the last several years, I've been convinced that the voice of Brother Bear is Michael Cera. Yet every time, I've forgotten to look it up. It's one of those annoying little things, like when you are trying to remember who played a certain role in a movie and can't remember, and you become totally obsessed with it until you HAVE TO go look it up. Except, I kept forgetting to look it up.

I finally looked it up today. And was thoroughly satisfied to find out that I was correct. Now I can stop obsessing about it everytime we watch the darn show. I's shocking that I don't have bigger things to concern myself with. But seriously, little things like this drive me crazy. I need to get a life.

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Fooferoo said...

Berenstain Bears fans here too although now that it isn't on PBS and we don't get SPROUT we have to watch it on the 3 dvds that we own.

I swear the earlier episodes brother bear has a different voice but I've never looked it up...until now :)