Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Costume Solved

I decided to go to my local Goodwill Select store to attempt to piece together something Piratical for an upcoming event. Jackpot! I knew I could count on you Goodwill. Target of course had the overpriced costumes that fall apart if you look at them wrong, and I am so glad I decided to take the time to just piece something together myself. I picked up a bohemian style long black gauzy skirt (size L, I'm going to have to pin it to fit), a black button up lace shirt (gag), and the most hideous gold ruffle vest that you've ever laid eyes on to go over the top. I also picked up some ghetto fabulous striped brown suit pants that I'm going to shred up for Daniel and a light tan gauzy shirt. I know we've got swords around here from the kids pirate costumes last year. I basically just need a couple of adult sized pirate hats or head scarfs, and some big ole hoop earrings and I'm calling it good. I'm so glad that is taken care of.

Target solved my Nancy Drew costume problem for Bella. I couldn't find any plaid skirts there in her size, but they did have school uniform pieces for super cheap (like $3) on clearance. So, I grabbed a light blue collared shirt, and a pleated navy uniform skirt. Bought 2 pairs of navy argyle knee high socks (pinned one sock from the extra pair into a thick headband), and grabbed a cute pair of brown preppy flats that I think really enhance the Nancy Drew factor. Now we just need to dig up the magnifying glass that is lost upstairs. Maybe she can channel Nancy Drew and find it when she gets home.

Vampire makeup, teeth, and glitter hairspray for Juli...check. Still need some costume jewelry to glam it up a little. Already had a red cape and black velvet dress.

The little lion and princess Jasmine costumes are ready to wear and don't really need any additions...though I did try to find some cute Jasmin-esque shoes unsuccessfully. If Disney Stores still existed I would just go pick some up. Well, maybe they still exist, but all the ones I knew of closed.


Melissa Saldivar said...

Goodwill had treasures, but like treasures, you have to be willing to hunt (which takes time). Good that you found something that works for you.

emilyw said...

Sounds like true Erika style to be prepared the week before. And I, like true Emily style, am not.

p.s. we still have a Disney store!! Did most of them close?

Erika said...

A lot of them closed awhile back. I found 2 in Houston but neither are near me.