Monday, October 5, 2009

How Do People Do It?

I've recently made the decision to cut back my already limited work hours from 15 hours/week to 10 hours/week (I work at home, for those who don't actually know me in real life). It seems that just taking care of the 4 peas and running my household takes all day, every day. Which left me wondering, as I washed 5 sets of sheets this do working moms...or working single moms do it? I just can't figure out how. I'm awed by the magnitude of what their schedules must be like. I suppose with there only being 24 hours every day, one just has to make choices based on the amount of time available and their family's priorities. So, for the sake of my sanity...which is directly proportional to the happiness of my family...I had to cut back to the minimum. Minimum that is without outright quitting and not "working" at all. I've done the not working at all thing before, and it just doesn't suit me psychologically. I need to find the balance, which for somewhere between not working and working very limited hours at home. So good.

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Fooferoo said...

I don't know how full time "working" moms do it either. I guess if you aren't home the house doesn't get as messy? I know when I was working and going to school full time cleaning made me in a bad mood and stressed out. I couldn't imagine also have kids to take care of on top of that.