Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We went to free zoo day yesterday with some friends. Xander has really woken up to the world since the last time we went. Above is his first time through the fish tunnel. I took the picture below because he spent most of the day with his finger pointed like this at every creature he could see. He enjoyed this area the most because so many of the animals were up close where he could really look at them. Many of the exhibits are so big that it is hard for him to see the featured animal.
Leia seemed a lot more interested in the animals this trip also. I guess they are growing up. We had a nice, up close view of an elephant getting his bath this trip. Don't ask me why I didn't take a picture, probably because it was pouring rain and we were all squeezed under the little roof like sardines watching the elephants.
My babies in the eagle's nest.
The bear was down next to the wall instead of up in his usual area. I'm not sure how he got down there, but he just kept pacing back and forth.
I thought this plant was pretty. I have no idea what it was. The leaves/flowers reminded me of a bouganvilla.
Leia and I enjoyed watching this lizard eating his salad.
Posing outside the reptile house.
This was also the first time I've gone to the zoo with a single stroller in almost 7 years. It was CRAZY. It is a whole different world getting around with one skinny little lightweight stroller.

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