Monday, November 30, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Okay, so maybe public service announcement is an overstatement. But, I just ordered 2 swim suits from Modbe because they are going out of business tomorrow. In case you love their suits, like I do...go grab them up now because tomorrow night they close down. I admit, I didn't need 2, but since it was my last chance, and the total price for 2 was less than I paid for 1 last spring...I couldn't resist. I guess I won't need to buy any swimwear for awhile.

Miscellaneous Busy

I took this photo of Leia one day last week when she passed out on the couch at 9:30am. She was having some issues with monsters in her room that were causing her to get some poor rest. Fortunately, she now has a flashlight for her room and there have been no more monster sightings since. It is strange that we've made it through the first 2 kids without ever having any monster fears, or darkness fears. I guess there will always be new things to experience with each of these peas.

Last week was insanely busy as I decided to attempt to squeeze in 22 hours of work when I normally do 10. What was I thinking? And it was Thanksgiving week nonetheless. It wasn't too painful since Daniel had 5 days off, and I wasn't running kids all over as usual. I got almost all of it done in the late evening hours, so the kids barely noticed...but I sure felt it.

We enjoyed spending some time together with everyone home. We spent Thanksgiving with my parents and brother, watched our Gators kick some Seminole butt, took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, and got some things done around the house. Sadly, Xander thought that everyone was going to be home permanently and did not do well when sisters and Daddy went to school and work this morning. He hugged and kissed and waved furiously as they tried to leave. He also hugged and kissed furiously when they got home this afternoon.

I had fun substituting for Bella's Sunday school teacher yesterday. I always think my kids are crazy until I have the opportunity to spend time with their peers. It's a good reminder that they are actually really easy children. It's good to get perspective.

This afternoon we are off to pick out gifts for our angel tree child. The kids are annoyed that I don't know his name and keep asking about it, but other than should be fun. Hopefully my oven won't fail me and will actually cook my lasagna as timed while we are gone. We are meeting Daniel to pick out a tree afterward and I expect to come home to a fully cooked dinner.

There are endless things that I've been meaning to blog about...but I've got to hit the road. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rainy Weekend

It was dreary pretty much all weekend starting on Friday morning. The theme of the weekend was "Bounce House". We've had this bounce house for years, but after we got the trampoline a couple of years basically never got used anymore. I thought that its glory days had passed. And by "glory days", I mean the days of me throwing out my back moving furniture and wrestling with an enormous bounce castle in my living room. As the little peas get bigger though, and winter wetness sets in, it seems that the bounce house will be performing an encore in this family. I suppose that means it was money well spent (by Grammy). If only Grammy was paying the chiropractic bill that is in my future.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flavor of...

B showed up to the dinner table a few nights ago in this ensemble. The picture really doesn't do justice exactly how much play makeup and jewelry she was wearing. It was a sight...and she had just taken a shower. You know what I like to do right after taking a shower and putting on pajamas? Not cake my face with 5 pounds of makeup and adorn myself with enough necklaces, earrings and bracelets to make Flavor Flav say, "Ya know, I think that's a little over the top." Sigh...weirdo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I mean it this time.

I know that I said I was starting my Christmas shopping 2 weeks ago...but this time I'm serious. I loaded a bunch of stuff into my Amazon cart last time, then never checked out. I'm notorious for putting things into virtual shopping carts and never actually buying them. Daniel has picked up this habit too. Our garbage disposal went out about 10 days ago. He researched...picked out a new one (our old one was called the Insinkerator Badger, lol)...put in into his Amazon shopping cart...and never finished the purchase. We finally "badgered" him into completing his order a few days ago. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

So Xander and I went down to Toys R Us during preschool time today on a fact finding mission. It went pretty well, but all I came home with was a long list of things that I want to price check on Amazon before I buy them. Sometimes Toys R Us really overprices and you know how I feel about getting the best price on everything.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Don't you love the look on his face?
I nervously tried my hand at cutting X's hair on Friday. It went pretty well. I have zero hair cutting skills. B took this picture for me. It was getting really long and wispy, and I didn't feel like driving all the way to the Great Clips to pay $14 for her to spend 2 minutes cutting his little bit of hair. I used a 7 on the top and a 6 on the back, because I was too nervous to go shorter. He doesn't have a lot of hair, and I didn't want him to look bald.

He figured it out

X finally realized that he could just climb up the tall kitchen chairs and reach everything on the table. He can often be found sitting on one of the chairs eating someone else's leftovers...or grazing from a bag off chips in this case.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back in Time

I'm officially off the party planning circuit for awhile! We had fun though. We missed those of you who didn't make it.
I can't believe Suzy can actually get her hair to do this. I totally thought it was a wig when she walked in!
We had snacks, played Pac Man and Air Hockey, did an 80's Trivia Quiz (which Kim kicked everyone's butt at), did some prizes, listened to great music, talked and laughed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy Week

We've had multiple meetings for B this week (2 for Destination Imagination and 1 church meeting), 2 of which I had to bring the snack for. We have piano and violin lessons today, I taught preschool and will assist with preschool today (we only teach once a month). I am hosting a semi-elaborate 80's party tonight, and I don't feel like my house is nearly clean enough....but it will have to do. As long as no one goes upstairs or in my bedroom it will look clean enough. It has been a "too much" kind of week. Daniel has 2 deadlines on Friday and has been of little help, though he has tried. The laundry is backed up to Mexico, and I spent too long making "fortune tellers" or "cootie catchers" or whatever you call them for my girls last night instead of folding the clean laundry. How can you deny a request like, "Mama, do you know how to make a fortune teller?" And we all know that when you make or buy one of anything in this house you need to make either 3 or 4. lest someone feel jilted. Hopefully I will survive the day and have fun pictures to post tomorrow. May the force be with me.

Friday, November 6, 2009

He needs an intervention

The nerd is threatening to buy me a new laptop. This one is still running, granted it IS running badly. He refuses to listen to reason. Someone call A&E...quickly. I'm running badly too but he doesn't want to replace me....or does he? ;-)

Where did it go?

I have no idea where this week went. It was Monday...and then I woke up and it was Friday. Ridiculous. I'm also super fantastically tired. I think my thyroid levels are off, but I'm too tired to think about having them rechecked. This post is kind of a downer. Sorry about that.

Moving on...the kids and I went for a run (they rode bikes, scooters and stroller...I ran) on Wednesday afternoon. Then, they played at the park while I ran from swings, to slides, to monkey bars...over and over again each time someone yelled "Mama!" I felt so much better for about 24 hours after that. I'm sadly coming to the realization that at 31 years old, and with a dysfunctional thyroid...exercise and a diet with less sugar and carbs may be the only thing to restore my energy levels to their 20 something glory. I am SO GLAD that I had these peas in my 20's, because if I had to do it again starting now...I don't know if I would have the strength to do it. I would want to...I just don't know if my body would participate. So, I'm not saying that I'm going to completely detox from sugar. I am going to try to adjust my diet to deal with my notoriously unstable blood sugar (it likes to crash and make me dizzy without a lot of warning), and my thyroid dysfunction (I understand that this means I need to eat small portions more often). In a nutshell....getting older sucks!

And since this post is all about how decrepit I am becoming, I might as well add that I tried to amputate my leg with a cheap razor this morning. I never use cheap razors, but I had a sample one laying around so I decided to use it today. BIG MISTAKE. I have skinny, bony legs that do not respond well to cheap, single blade razors I think the bone on the front of my shin just sticks out too far. Long story shorter, the razor completely scraped off a strip of the skin on my shin bone about 3 inches long. It was bleeding everywhere and since the Eagle scout was still home, I decided to call him in for some first aid. Admittedly, I could have stuck a couple of bandaids on it, but I just like the extra attention. Shhh...don't tell him. He's great in first aid situations.

Unfortunately, he tends to love the art of first aid overkill. I sat on the bed and tried not to bleed all over my carpet while waiting for the bandaids. He came back with gauze, more gauze, medical tape, and an ace bandage! Oy vey. After talking him down from the ace bandage and roll of gauze, I ended up with a large gauze pad and medical tape all over my shin. Lovely. By 10:30am while I was playing outside with the kids, I had to remove the gauze, which had fused to the cut by that point. After another wave of excessive blood loss, I ended up with the 2 bandaids that I had originally sought attached to my leg and it seems to be on the mend now. Lesson learned, the free cheapo razor cost me 3 inches of leg skin...not cool.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Here is L and her preschool friends at school last week. She has a love hate relationship with necklaces, she loves to put them on, but won't leave them on. So, her costume is lacking the flair of the giant medallion necklace that she borrowed from B. Apparently she removed it soon after arriving at school. Thanks to Angie for the photo. :)