Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy Week

We've had multiple meetings for B this week (2 for Destination Imagination and 1 church meeting), 2 of which I had to bring the snack for. We have piano and violin lessons today, I taught preschool and will assist with preschool today (we only teach once a month). I am hosting a semi-elaborate 80's party tonight, and I don't feel like my house is nearly clean enough....but it will have to do. As long as no one goes upstairs or in my bedroom it will look clean enough. It has been a "too much" kind of week. Daniel has 2 deadlines on Friday and has been of little help, though he has tried. The laundry is backed up to Mexico, and I spent too long making "fortune tellers" or "cootie catchers" or whatever you call them for my girls last night instead of folding the clean laundry. How can you deny a request like, "Mama, do you know how to make a fortune teller?" And we all know that when you make or buy one of anything in this house you need to make either 3 or 4. lest someone feel jilted. Hopefully I will survive the day and have fun pictures to post tomorrow. May the force be with me.

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