Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I mean it this time.

I know that I said I was starting my Christmas shopping 2 weeks ago...but this time I'm serious. I loaded a bunch of stuff into my Amazon cart last time, then never checked out. I'm notorious for putting things into virtual shopping carts and never actually buying them. Daniel has picked up this habit too. Our garbage disposal went out about 10 days ago. He researched...picked out a new one (our old one was called the Insinkerator Badger, lol)...put in into his Amazon shopping cart...and never finished the purchase. We finally "badgered" him into completing his order a few days ago. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

So Xander and I went down to Toys R Us during preschool time today on a fact finding mission. It went pretty well, but all I came home with was a long list of things that I want to price check on Amazon before I buy them. Sometimes Toys R Us really overprices and you know how I feel about getting the best price on everything.


Curt Hostetler said...

Good luck with the Christmas shopping...

While reading the last part, I was reminded of something that you may find interesting. There is a feature built into some of the 'google phones' that allows you to take a picture of an items barcode, and then it will search the internet for the best price on that particular item. I haven't had the chance to play with the feature myself, but a coworker has used it and says it works pretty good for electronic gadgets and toys.

Erika said...

Interesting. Too bad my phone is old and crappy, lol.