Monday, November 30, 2009

Miscellaneous Busy

I took this photo of Leia one day last week when she passed out on the couch at 9:30am. She was having some issues with monsters in her room that were causing her to get some poor rest. Fortunately, she now has a flashlight for her room and there have been no more monster sightings since. It is strange that we've made it through the first 2 kids without ever having any monster fears, or darkness fears. I guess there will always be new things to experience with each of these peas.

Last week was insanely busy as I decided to attempt to squeeze in 22 hours of work when I normally do 10. What was I thinking? And it was Thanksgiving week nonetheless. It wasn't too painful since Daniel had 5 days off, and I wasn't running kids all over as usual. I got almost all of it done in the late evening hours, so the kids barely noticed...but I sure felt it.

We enjoyed spending some time together with everyone home. We spent Thanksgiving with my parents and brother, watched our Gators kick some Seminole butt, took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, and got some things done around the house. Sadly, Xander thought that everyone was going to be home permanently and did not do well when sisters and Daddy went to school and work this morning. He hugged and kissed and waved furiously as they tried to leave. He also hugged and kissed furiously when they got home this afternoon.

I had fun substituting for Bella's Sunday school teacher yesterday. I always think my kids are crazy until I have the opportunity to spend time with their peers. It's a good reminder that they are actually really easy children. It's good to get perspective.

This afternoon we are off to pick out gifts for our angel tree child. The kids are annoyed that I don't know his name and keep asking about it, but other than should be fun. Hopefully my oven won't fail me and will actually cook my lasagna as timed while we are gone. We are meeting Daniel to pick out a tree afterward and I expect to come home to a fully cooked dinner.

There are endless things that I've been meaning to blog about...but I've got to hit the road. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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