Friday, November 6, 2009

Where did it go?

I have no idea where this week went. It was Monday...and then I woke up and it was Friday. Ridiculous. I'm also super fantastically tired. I think my thyroid levels are off, but I'm too tired to think about having them rechecked. This post is kind of a downer. Sorry about that.

Moving on...the kids and I went for a run (they rode bikes, scooters and stroller...I ran) on Wednesday afternoon. Then, they played at the park while I ran from swings, to slides, to monkey bars...over and over again each time someone yelled "Mama!" I felt so much better for about 24 hours after that. I'm sadly coming to the realization that at 31 years old, and with a dysfunctional thyroid...exercise and a diet with less sugar and carbs may be the only thing to restore my energy levels to their 20 something glory. I am SO GLAD that I had these peas in my 20's, because if I had to do it again starting now...I don't know if I would have the strength to do it. I would want to...I just don't know if my body would participate. So, I'm not saying that I'm going to completely detox from sugar. I am going to try to adjust my diet to deal with my notoriously unstable blood sugar (it likes to crash and make me dizzy without a lot of warning), and my thyroid dysfunction (I understand that this means I need to eat small portions more often). In a nutshell....getting older sucks!

And since this post is all about how decrepit I am becoming, I might as well add that I tried to amputate my leg with a cheap razor this morning. I never use cheap razors, but I had a sample one laying around so I decided to use it today. BIG MISTAKE. I have skinny, bony legs that do not respond well to cheap, single blade razors I think the bone on the front of my shin just sticks out too far. Long story shorter, the razor completely scraped off a strip of the skin on my shin bone about 3 inches long. It was bleeding everywhere and since the Eagle scout was still home, I decided to call him in for some first aid. Admittedly, I could have stuck a couple of bandaids on it, but I just like the extra attention. Shhh...don't tell him. He's great in first aid situations.

Unfortunately, he tends to love the art of first aid overkill. I sat on the bed and tried not to bleed all over my carpet while waiting for the bandaids. He came back with gauze, more gauze, medical tape, and an ace bandage! Oy vey. After talking him down from the ace bandage and roll of gauze, I ended up with a large gauze pad and medical tape all over my shin. Lovely. By 10:30am while I was playing outside with the kids, I had to remove the gauze, which had fused to the cut by that point. After another wave of excessive blood loss, I ended up with the 2 bandaids that I had originally sought attached to my leg and it seems to be on the mend now. Lesson learned, the free cheapo razor cost me 3 inches of leg skin...not cool.

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emilyw said...

Your razor story makes me cringe. I've done that on my bony shin a few times and ouch!! I understand the loss of energy... hope mine returns with yours. Whenever that is.... :)