Sunday, December 20, 2009

Annual Photos

I said that I wasn't going to send out Christmas cards this year. I changed my mind at the very last today. They'll be in the mail tomorrow as soon as I pick them up at CVS and put the address labels on them. Here are a few that make me smile, but didn't make the card.
I love Xander's expression and hands in this one. "How did I end up in this girl gang?!"I love these girls. I remember the day that I found out Julianne was a girl. I cried because I was so happy for Bella that she was going to have a sister. I just knew that they were going to have a special relationship, and they really do. They are so different, but so close.And they so sweetly incorporate this crazy little ball of energy into their sister club.If I live to be 100, having played a role in manufacturing these 4 amazing human beings will surely be the greatest accomplishment of my life.