Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Pajamas

I always buy the kids a couple of pairs of pajamas as one of their gifts each Christmas, so I've never bought them new pajamas to wear ON Christmas morning. My SIL has this tradition in her family of everyone getting and wearing a new pair of pajamas for Christmas. I've always liked the idea, and finally caved this year. I ended up going out last week to get B&J a nice pair for pajama day at school, because they've got a lot of nice pajamas...but none warm enough for school with the REALLY COLD weather we've been having. Then I felt badly about the little guys and went back to get some for them today. I guess they will all be looking sharp in our video footage of present opening this year. Little things like this get expensive fast when you need 4 of everything. I guess I'll continue with it next year and skip the gift pajamas since it seems kind of redundant. Thanks for the idea M.


Suzy Q said...

Just make sure Xander's doesn't have any frills this time. ;) How did you ever miss that?!!? :)

Erika said...

They were in the BOYS section! And they were folded and wrapped so that the collar wasn't showing. So clearly I'm not the only one who couldn't tell since some employee put them there, lol.

superherotrainer said...

No problem! We have fun coming up with a theme every year. This year plaids won out. Can't wait to see pictures of the cousins.