Friday, December 11, 2009


Thanks to my best friend all of my Christmas presents are now officially on the premises. I do not know how I ever survived Christmas shopping before I started doing 75% of it online. Oh...wait...I remember...I didn't have a boatload of kids back then. They sure are cute though. Let's just be thankful for the internet...and free super saver shipping...amen.

I'm moving on to wrapping this weekend. Hopefully Daniel's promise to help was not an empty one. There may or may not be some assembly involved, and I like to have that squared away before Christmas morning. It's more fun to get things when you don't have to sit around waiting for Daddy to put it together.

If I don't return, call 911. Tell them I'm buried under a mountain of partially wrapped gifts in the disaster I call my closet. Also, tell them not to be fooled by the DO NOT ENTER sign that is currently taped to the closet door. Wish me luck.

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