Monday, December 28, 2009

Round Here

Got some cleaning done today. There is MUCH more to go. I am determined to whip this house into shape. Speaking of whipping things into shape, I started back on exercising today. My back is already thanking me. The difference in my daily back pain level when I exercise is unbelievable.

The kids spent most of the day playing. While I was making a lasagna this afternoon they were playing with their Zhu Zhu pets (they didn't ask for them, but we thought they were cute). My mom searched everywhere and recently found a 4 pack at Toys R Us, so they each have one. Taking out the video camera pretty much ensures that someone will start acting up. This time it was Xander. He decided that he liked Leia's Zhu Zhu and not his own...sigh. I would have just stripped it from him, but then he would have thrown an epic tantrum and brought my video to an end. As it was...the battery died and brought my video to an end. I know that you are so disappointed that my Zhu Zhu video is only 6+ minutes long. The excitement never ends on this blog. :)

Zhu Zhu from Erika on Vimeo.

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