Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deadly Handsome...Deadly Naughty

This kid...is going to do me in. Look at him. Do I really need to elaborate. He's like a raging ball of adorable crazy. They were not joking when they said boys and girls are different. In our family...the girls were MUCH easier to parent, but I understand this is not necessarily typical.

*Son, if you are reading this in 20 years, your sisters were not "better" than you, just easier. You are definitely worth all the effort, especially since you've given me thousands more voluntary hugs and kisses than the rest of your sisters combined. You were such a lover boy.
He has started receiving 1 minute timeouts on the naughty step. There are 3 offenses that I've decided to attach to timeouts so as not to overuse them and ruin their effectiveness. 1. hitting, 2. biting, 3. hysterical screaming tantrums. So far, he hates them...but definitely seems to understand why he is there, and stops the behavior when released from the timeout and reminded of why he was sent there. He looks at me as if I am betraying him every time he has to spend his 1 minute on that step.

Xander: "Et tu mama?"

He rightly thinks that he has me wrapped around his finger and does not appreciate this new development.

Mama: "I'm sorry son. If I don't set boundaries for you...you are going to grow up badly. I promise I'm doing it for your own good. It hurts Mama more than it hurts you."What is worse than Pilates at 3 o'clock in the afternoon? When this guy finds you on the floor and takes it as an invitation to a wrestling match. He does this every single solitary time I try to exercise. If I'm on my back, he jumps on my stomach and starts kissing, then patting, then fake punching me...with wrestling sound effects (is this stuff embedded on the Y chromosome I ask myself?) If I am on my stomach, he jumps on my back then starts slapping my ponytail back and forth while attempting to pin me to the carpet. Thanks son. I will direct your attention to this photo evidence when I am old and fat.


Haas & Co. said...

Alright, this entire post made me a laugh, out loud! Not that it's funny he has to endure timeout (we have to hold our children there), but he is definitely ALL boy!

Jess said...

I laughed too. Especially at the "et tu mama?" I can sympathize, especially with the inability to exercise. I tried yoga, but Emmett spent the time running under my legs. Talk about relaxing.