Friday, January 29, 2010

Et tu Nutty Cone/Drumstick?

Logic has betrayed me. So, I gave up ice cream cold turkey for about 6 weeks and lost 5 pounds (of the 10 total I needed to shave off my waistline). If you know me in real life, you know ice cream is my very dear friend. So, I broke my habit of a nightly bowl of ice cream, and finally got to the point where I could buy multiple containers of ice cream for the kids every week, and not really be pained over it. After my ice cream fast...I decided to start buying myself some individually portioned ice cream treats to keep in the outside freezer (a secret stash). I figured the kids were welcome to load up on scooped ice cream (like I did for 30 years) but I had portion control issues and wanted to go back to enjoying ice cream regularly in a portion controlled way. I've always loved Drumsticks, so I started buying either name brand or generic Drumsticks.

I decided (after indulging in quite a few homemade chocolate chip cookies this week) that I should probably step up on the scale to make sure that I wasn't losing ground in my battle to get back to my fighting weight. Hallelujah...still holding at 110...yay for Pilates. My painfully honest husband says, "The way you're going through the Drumsticks, I'm impressed that you're still holding at 110." I'm pretty sure other men have been killed for lesser weight related comments. But, since I know he could care less how many Drumsticks I eat, or how much I weigh...I decided to let the comment go as what it was...a casual observation.

He insisted that my single serving of Drumsticks probably had a lot more fat and calories in them than my 2+ servings of scooped ice cream had. I huffed and puffed and told him he was crazy. Then I went out to the freezer and checked the "Nutty Cone" box...21 grams of fat and 340 calories...TWENTY-ONE. For comparison the chocolate chip cookie dough Dreyers the kids have been eating all week...4.5 per serving (so 9 considering I usually eat about 2 servings or a little more). In my defense, I checked the Blue Bell and it had 9g per serving. So compared to Blue Bell, I was coming out even. But I'll tell you I'd rather have been eating bowls of ice cream than Nutty Cones for the past 2 weeks. I can't believe that the logic of controlling my portions by buying single serving ice cream treats totally backfired on me like that. Lame.

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Suzy Q said...

In the Drumsticks defense they have lots of nuts on them. And as we all know, nuts are loaded with fat, but it's the good fat, so it's ok. I'm all for the 2 bowls of Ice Cream though over 1 drumstick too.