Friday, January 29, 2010

Major Victory!

I know this does not sound like a big deal...but I was so excited that I squealed like a teenage groupie. SO PROUD!
(Excuse the bad photoshopping, the kid had her school name emblazoned on her twice. Too bad I can't photoshop the "I had a crazy day at school hair" or the "I've lost basically all of my baby teeth already and I'm only in the 1st grade." Adorable nonetheless.)

You may have gathered by now the fact that our Jules has a bit of a super shy/social anxiety type of thing going on that we have been working on for YEARS now. On the kids' birthdays at school the birthday students are on the morning video announcement (like celebrity guests). They give them a birthday button and ask them a question usually. (Don't ask me how this is going to go down with my 1 summer birthday kid...but I'll cross that parenting bridge when I come to it.) Last year in Kindergarten Juli wouldn't even go down to the AV room where they broadcast the announcements from...let alone be featured on them. I had totally forgotten about the whole tradition until I noticed the birthday button she wore home today. I asked in my best faux casual voice if she had been on the announcements this morning (trying not to make a big deal, assuming she had refused as usual). When she said still my heart...I may have freaked out a little. Then when she told me that she had actually formulated an answer to the question they asked her and spoken on camera with a mic and everything...I may have lost my mind and jumped up and down and kissed her on the face, and acted like she had slayed a dragon. She may or may not have laughed at me a little bit. For the record the question was "What are you going to do to celebrate your birthday?" The answer, "I'm going to a hotel with a waterpark inside of it with my family." Priceless.