Thursday, January 28, 2010


Men...sigh. Xander does not seem to understand that he is not helping when he dumps out the contents of a partially packed suitcase and climbs inside. He also thought he was helping when he dumped all of the folded piles of clothes on the floor 3 times in 1 hour...3 TIMES. It's like he's trying to kill me. His naughty number was a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10 yesterday. It didn't help that daddy didn't get home until very late last night.

Speaking of daddy...he has a super cheap pair of flip flops that are held together with a metal nut or something right now (he doesn't wear them other than in the yard obviously). So I said, "You need a new pair of flip flops or sandals or something." I believe I specifically said...something decent looking like maybe an inexpensive leather sandal, or just a better looking flip flop. When you have a size 11.5 foot, you have to choose carefully so as not to draw attention to your big white gnarly feet. So he decides that he can handle his own footwear purchase...mistake numero uno. See the photo evidence below. When he was arguing his case, he thought he would put them on his feet to prove that they were "not that bad". Mistake number two...he put them on over his socks, causing me to fall out in hysterical laughter and grab the camera to document this footwear choice.
Stand back ladies...he's mine...all mine. If he keeps this up I'm going to have to buy him some pocket protectors to go with his sock/sandal fashion statement. Oy vey.
Needless to say the lovely Walmart sandals he picked up on the way home are going back to Walmart. I grabbed these flip flops from Target for him today while I was picking up some birthday presents for Jules. There is not a huge selection of flip flops in January...but these will do. Granted his feet still glow in the dark they are so white...but I can't help him with that...unless I hit them with some bronzing lotion while he's sleeping...that would probably be overkill though.


Haas & Co. said...

That photo of D had me laughing so loud that little N had to see what was so funny. ;-)

emilyw said...

Daniel so reminds me of Brett.... love the sandals!!