Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writing Sample

I've been meaning to start putting some of the kids stories up here for a long time. It hasn't happened yet. I found this one while cleaning out Bella's folder tonight. I thought it was as good a time as any to start getting a few of these saved.

This one is of the variety where she was given an opening sentence and had to write from there. I'm typing it as written, including errors. I sense that it would have been a lot longer if there hadn't been a time limit involved.

The Jungle - by Bella

Thomas looked up, and just as the monkey flew from one tree to the next, it threw something down to him. He watched it fall down, down, down, it landed at his feet. It looked like a dagger. The monkey hopped down after it. The monkey drew a line and added a curved like apendege. He walked away a little bit. He saw a tiger and ran back to the strange marking on the ground. He couldn't belive what he saw on top of it.

There right next to mark was a dead mole. Sitting there as if it were only asleep. A syth it be a syth. Thomas jumped. It was a hissing sort of voice. Thomas turned around there it was a lizard, a real lizard was actuly speaking to him. What is a syth he asked? Cautiously the lizard replied, it be a farming tool used to harvest crops. What does it mean? said Thomas. The lizard said death to those who see it.

Thomas ran back through the doors of his closet where he had found the mysterious world. He hoped he would never see that curved like apendege ever again. He hoped that it had been a dream but he knew it was not. He knew too that world wasn't just a jungle. It could be more like a fire world or a ice world or a green earthy world or a watery world or so much more. He knew some day he would have to go back some day but not now. Not yet. Only when he knew he had to.

P.S. I thought little girls were supposed to write about rainbows and princesses. Not my kid, lol. I think she's been reading too much Gregor the Overlander.


Jess said...

Never heard of Gregor the Overlander. Maybe when my kids are in Elementary? I am impressed with that story! So creative and such a vocabulary!

emilyw said...

Very impressed... That Bella has quite the writing skills. Must be the awesome preschooling she had in Georgia! ;)