Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We are suffering from varying degrees of being "under the weather" today. My affliction is primarily a 3 day headache which was inducing nausea this morning. Daniel had a sore throat, and Xander had some kind of digestive issue. We are glad that we took the opportunity to go out to dinner with the kids and Daniel's mother on Friday to celebrate Valentine's Day. Despite our questionable health, we still brought our possible germs over to Grammy and Grampy's house today for our usual Sunday visit. The kids missed them terribly while they were on their cruise.

Speaking of their cruise, you would love to see the pictures of them flying down zip lines in the Jamaican jungle, but I have been forbidden to post them on the blog by my camera shy mother. LAME.
Here is a photo of the kids with their Valentine buckets this morning. Don't ask why my daughter looks like someone's grandmother. If someone's grandmother is actually fond of wearing purple pirate printed fabric headscarfs. I'm not sure I've seen that particular fabric choice on any grandmothers recently.
Daniel got me something shiny and red for Valentine's Day. Isn't it romantic? Seriously though, how much more perfect could it be? I love that my husband isn't afraid to embrace the things that we actually care about for romantic gifts...instead of buying into the whole flowers/jewelry routine. It's like how he got me a steam mop for Christmas...because that is genuinely what I wanted. Unfortunately, he didn't consult my mother, because she also got me a steam mop for Christmas...which was hilarious. I guess they both listen when I talk. So anyway, I really resisted getting a new laptop, but my old one was literally disintegrating before my eyes at this point. We're hard on computers, and it was coming up on almost 4 years old. I'm in the process of bonding with my new friend. Daniel was able to do some kind of transfer of all my stuff on my old laptop, so it hasn't been too bad of an adjustment so far. I get attached to things and don't like how computer changes slow me down when I'm working on stuff...but I'm sure my brain will accept the minor differences soon enough.

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day too! :)

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Jess said...

Elisabeth has had a stomach bug the last two days. It will probably make the preschool circuit soon. :( Love J's headscarf.