Saturday, February 13, 2010


Remember last week (if you read the actual site and not through a reader) when I posted the Rufus Wainwright version of Hallelujah in the sidebar...And I talked about how I think it's clearly the best version done of this Leonard Cohen song. It's still up there in case you want to hear it. Well anyway, Daniel and I were watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics last night and you may have noticed that lo and behold KD Lang sang a version as the final song. I tried to convince Daniel that I am clearly clairvoyant or something because I was just thinking about this song last week...he didn't buy it. So did you watch the opening ceremonies? What did you think? Did you like the KD Lang version of one of my all time favorite songs? I was not a big fan. But, I'm not a big fan of the original Leonard Cohen song version my opinion is skewed.


Miracle Gro said...

I was impressed with the floor. I really liked the segment where the whales swam across the floor, and the cloggers. The poetry at the end was meh, though.

Erika said...

Agreed. I was really impressed all the way up to the poetry and KD Lang section. It fell flat at the end there for me.

Michael said...

I'm a traditionalist. I'm all about the original Cohen version. Could be in relation to his canon of work though. The Jeff Buckley version is good and Rufus was always jealous of Buckley's voice and hair but I think Rufus does a better version than Buckley.