Friday, February 5, 2010


I had a major love affair going on with the Train album My Private Nation about 6 years ago. I listened to it like crazy until I lost the CD somewhere. For whatever reason I never bought it again, or downloaded it either...and basically completely forgot about my entire Train phase. Then I recently heard the newish song Hey Soul Sister on the radio a few weeks ago...and loved it...and then realized that I was not just imagining the fact that it sounded like Train...because it was. So, I fear I may have to download the new album...and the one that I loved so very much that I actually lost the disc.

P.S. I put Xander in his crib for nap a few minutes ago, then answered the phone that was ringing, then walked back into his room and he was gone. I was perplexed, and thought perhaps I was losing my mind. Then I found him snuggled in my bed. He escaped. It's the first time he's ever gotten it in his mind to try climbing out of the crib. He could have done it long ago...if it had occurred to him. I guess there is not much point in holding onto the crib anymore. If he's going to climb out...he might as well be in a normal bed.

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