Monday, March 15, 2010


Rodeo is just not really my kind of thing. If I'm going to drop a fortune on rides and food...I do it at Disney World. Disney and I...we have a lifelong love affair going on...and it's quickly spread to the next generation in our family. But I digress, this post is not about my love of all things's about the Houston Rodeo. Despite my general lack of enthusiasm for anything Circus-like (or other questionable animal treatment)/Carnival-esque events...I put my big girl pants on and did it for the sake of the kids having an authentic Texas experience.

After 3 years of living here, the little kids and I finally joined up with some friends who were going to the rodeo for free kids day (unfortunately the big girls were in school). Leia really wanted to strap on a helmet and ride a bucking sheep (called "mutton bustin"), but she was 1 pound too light on their scale to qualify. It was heartbreaking for her. She really wanted to get on that sheep. I consoled her with rides and a corndog. She has also reminded me every day since the rodeo that she "really really wants a pink cowboy hat". Noted.

Cow milking demonstration.

There were a lot of animals in the petting area, including chickens and kangaroos. You don't usually see those in petting areas.

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