Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I've spent the last 24 hours working on sprucing up the front porch. Got a cushion for the bench, a new pot, some flowers, a new fern for the hanging basket, etc. Leia and Xander "helped" plant flowers in the skinny bed by the door this morning. Notice the strain on his face while he attempts to be manly and help his sister with the heavy watering can."Our mom takes too many pictures of everything and has decision making issues about which ones are most important to clutter the internet with.""What do you mean I'm stepping on the new flowers...I'm totally helping right now."
Now the real question...should I paint the bench, or just seal it? It annoys me that it partially blocks that low window...but I don't see a better solution. I was definitely going to paint it, but now I'm wavering a little. Mom, I'm talking to you. Since I've noticed this blog has gotten ZERO comments for a LONG time, feel free to call or email me if you have an opinion and cannot bring yourself to press the comment button. ;-)


Jess said...

I like it that color, so I would keep that color myself. But that's my opinion. The porch looks nice! My kids have also been struggling to hold a watering can this week.

Erika said...

Yay, an actual comment! Thanks Jess. Daniel doesn't think it should be painted either. I can't decide.

B. Allred said...

Just seal it. The color's fine.

Gardener said...

I'm feeling the same way about comments and blog. I was starting to wonder if anyone was reading blogs anymore. I think facebook is the trend right now.

Well I amm still reading blogs, its just hard for me to post and comment de to the way my computer is set up ( will be writing a post about that, eventually)

As for the bench, do whatever makes you happy and causes the least amount of stress.

Carmen said...

I'll make it convoluted and vote for paint. Black or cream would look spiffy.

emilyw said...

Seal it, baby! Less work, in my opinion. And I'm lazy. :) Your porch looks GREAT!!! You've always had a good eye.

Suzy Q said...

K, most comment buttons are at the bottom of the post, yours is at the top, so it's confusing.

On the flip side, I post too many pictures to. Even if it's the same pose their facial expressions may be different and they're both cute.

I like the wood bench, but painted would be nice too. Depends on the look you're going for. Homey, Classic, rustic... Paint it bright yellow just for something unique. ;)