Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Field Trip

I volunteered to chaperone Julianne's trip to the Children's Museum this year. It is an awesome museum. We'll definitely have to go back because we only saw a small portion of the exhibits.
They built makeshift tools and tried to free objects from this maze.
There was a fun Cyberchase exhibit that they all really seemed to enjoy. In this area I managed to bump a defibrillator case open with my backpack and set off a really loud alarm...not awesome.
Juli kicked the rock wall's butt several times, and ran through an obstacle course.
We visited a large replica city called Kidtropolis. We were assigned the police/fire/medical building and the restaurant. I have never seen anything this extravagant as far as a city area in a children's museum. We visited a couple of other areas, but I know we missed some awesome ones like the big water structure that they have outside for example.

Anyway, if you live in the Houston area and haven't been to the newly expanded Children's Museum...go. We'll definitely be back.

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