Thursday, April 15, 2010

It boggles the mind.

I know it's lame to post about how busy you are as an excuse for not blogging...but seriously...I'm not even joking. The busy level is mind boggling right now. I need to get Xander's birthday photos up, and I don't even have the 10 minutes to spare to load them up and post them right now. In a nutshell this week alone (not to even mention last week) contains 3 nights of scoring essays 7-11pm, misc additional work to squeeze in (because I'm an idiot who won't just give up working because I have the best work at home mommy job I could imagine...unless they pay people for doing nothing at all...that would be even better I suppose), a 2 year check up for Xander, preschool for Leia, a last minute trip to the temple with my best girlfriend (who is totally about to move away and ditch me like a hot potato), feeding missionaries, 1st grade play, violin and piano lessons, a birthday party, a primary activity, and packing, cleaning, and stocking the house to get ready for our trip. I'm going to have to give up sleep at some point just to get the minimum essential things done...sigh. Long story...long...I'm not dead, just chronically busy. I'll be back.

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