Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today you turned 2 years old. I can't believe there was ever a time that you were not in our family. You are such a sweet guy and we all love you so much. I told you last night that when you woke up today you would be 2 years old. You smiled and waved and blew kisses at me while daddy carried you to bed. I think the significance of the event was lost on you. After your sisters were all off to school today we stopped for some birthday balloons and a haircut. We made sure to have them blow up manly balloons for you, as the ones they had prepared were all pink butterflies and princesses. I know you have enough princesses in your life already. You were not in the mood for a haircut this morning. You made a very serious face and told the lady "no-no-no-no" about a hundred times. I had to hold you on my lap. You buried your face in my shirt while your wispy hairs floated up all around us. I wished I could freeze you in time forever. I know that is not how it works though, and I do look forward to seeing you grow up into the amazing man that I know you will be.



Gardener said... cute, or should I say handsome. Happy Birthday X!

superherotrainer said...

Love this picture E. He has grown up so fast! I really wish we could have made it to his party. Thanks for inviting us.