Thursday, May 13, 2010

The gardener

For the past few days Leia has been found intermittently hunched over a little patch of dirt in the backyard landscape bed with a shovel and little pink princess bucket. She's been digging around and watering. Every time I ask her what's going on she says with a tone of dismissal, "I'm just working on something here." Finally this afternoon after spotting her hunched over her wet spot of dirt again with the shovel she explained that she was working on growing a tree. She said, "It's gonna be really great." "I'm just working on growing a tree right here." I asked her if she had planted a seed. She said she had found a seed and planted it. She's been watering the same spot for 3 days now anxiously awaiting progress on the "tree". I could eat that kid with a spoon she's so cute. Not sure how to handle the fact that no tree is going to grow there though. I'm thinking I'll give her some seeds, dirt and a pot tomorrow and let her focus all of this gardening interest on something with an actual chance of producing a result for her. So, so cute.

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