Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I feel like I'm only blogging about events lately. That's lame of me. Subscribing to this blog probably feels like being forced to endure a powerpoint presentation of someone's vacation photos.

There have been a lot of teacher layoffs going on around here lately. Someone told me today that a local principal was bragging that she managed to layoff all special ed personnel with the cuts and so didn't have to layoff any "real teachers". I've been stewing about it all afternoon. It's infuriating. I hope that decision and mentality comes back to bite her...HARD. Nothing like robbing children without a voice of their legally guaranteed services. It makes my skin crawl. I'm trying not to think about it. Also after spending several years (a lifetime ago) in the trenches on my hands and knees trying to help children with severe disabilities achieve real goals that would improve the quality of their lives...I take the sentiment that we aren't "real teachers" quite personally. I hope the parents of those students revolt.

The kids have started swimming 4 days a week. So far, we're surviving. Daniel has been showing up in the middle so that the little guys can go home and not have to stay for Bella's practice.

Xander is going through the terrible 2's hardcore. He talks non stop and yet so little of it is understandable that he is constantly frustrated and throwing tantrums. It doesn't help that he's only napping about 3-4 times/week now.

Bella has started solving and plotting out algebraic equations on self drawn graphs for fun in her spare time at school. Daniel taught her how to do it, and she's really taken to it...cough...nerd.

Juli and Bella have decided to do a switch. Juli was always the cleaner sister, while Bella was sort of wild and cluttered. Recently Bella's room has seemed to stay generally clean all of the time, while Juli's room often looks like a bomb hit it. Hopefully it is a phase...for Juli. Bella is welcome to remain orderly for the long run, lol.

Leia has been really funny lately. She's also been really emotional, requiring a lot of heart to heart talks about her feelings on every topic you can imagine. Her worldview is expanding and watching her try to make sense of things is often hilarious.

I decided to take a break from Percy Jackson between books 2 and 3. I've been meaning to start a biography of J.M. Barrie called Neverland that I picked up from the library last week. I haven't had time to start it yet though.

My stream of consciousness is now complete. Xander just walked in wearing only a saggy diaper and carrying a violin some type of baby gangster. Time to change another diaper and gather everyone up for swim practice...again.


Jess said...

I'm not sure it was every special ed teacher at that school, but it was where a lot of cut-backs were. Yuck.

Have you watched "Finding Neverland"? You'll want to after reading the biography. Wonderful movie.

Erika said...

Yeah. The whole sentiment behind it just totally riled me up. I knew it wasn't every special ed teacher. It was just cutting deeply into special ed to avoid cutting anywhere else. I have a short fuse for people with that type of thinking. :)

I did watch Finding Neverland when it first came out on video I think.

Lelani said...

I heard about the cutbacks and thought the same thing. Really?? How about extra money spent somewhere else? It's really sad.

It's interesting to read about your kids .... It reminds me of things mine did growing up. Now Bella with algebraic equations?? That's very, very cool.