Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Recital

Bella and Julianne had their spring recital on Friday. J had one of her classic shyness/anxiety breakdowns, so I don't have a good video to post for her. I had to drop the camera and stand up with her so that she could finish the song. She started to cry a little right before she went up from nerves...and that just kind of threw the whole thing off and made her unable to concentrate on playing. She toughed it out though and finished the song...definitely proud of her for standing up there and continuing to play even though she was afraid and everyone was looking at her.

This officially ends music lessons for the summer. Our only plan for the summer is swim team for all 3 girls and a lot of down time. :)

Here is Bella's video. J's will be up later. She said I could record her playing it at home for the blog. :)

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