Monday, May 10, 2010


Leia started swim school last week to prepare for swim team this summer. And by prepare I mean...learn to swim. Luckily you don't have to know how to swim for the first month of swim team, and you practice 4 times/week. We hope to have her swimming ASAP, so we added swim school to hedge our bets. These photos were taken during her first lesson. She loves it! But that means swimming 6 times per week this month. Which is way beyond my ideal extracurricular schedule. I hate to have them that busy. I hate to be that busy myself. I only enrolled her in swim school for May, so after that it will be 4 times per week through mid July, just like her sisters. I would rather she not be doing swim team this year, but know that if I didn't allow her to join, she would not be a happy camper sitting out and watching her sisters practice almost daily. Today started her second week of lessons and she is going way underwater without a problem I'm hopeful. She just needs to learn the actual physical technique of swimming. She has no fear of the water at all.

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Jess said...

6 times per week! That's crazy busy, and that's just one kid's schedule!