Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swimming is still ruling our life. The girls and I were at last night's meet from 4-11:15pm. We got home at 11:45pm. Not even funny. Why did we want to do this again?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swim Team continued

Yesterday was Bella's 2nd meet to compete. She only swam 1 race last week before the meet was called due to a combination of thunder and the other team forfeiting rather than waiting the 20 minutes to continue (they were getting beaten badly, the other team that is...but it was still annoying to go through all the work of a meet and not be able to swim all the races). She got a 3rd place ribbon for her heat in freestyle last week. This week she competed in freestyle again and backstroke.
Watch out...here she comes...
She still takes breaths like a woman drowning, but it's a work in progress...
...and she gets her first 1st place ribbon!
She was not as comfortable with competing in backstroke. I was so excited that she didn't get disqualified. A lot of kids get disqualified in the other strokes for various reasons. In the backstroke if you are not still on your back when your arm touches the wall, you are disqualified. No rolling over, or looking back when you touch the wall.

She got a 4th place ribbon for her backstroke. Juli was a little jealous because Bella now has 3 colors of ribbons, and she only has 2 red ones. They care less about their place than collecting the colors. :)I could eat that face. She is a delightful, delightful child to have. I am so glad she was my firstborn. If the birth order of these kids was reversed, I'd be in big trouble. :)

Swim Team

Bella and Julianne are participating in our neighborhood swim team this year. Julianne was on the practice team (by choice) until this week when her coach and I managed to convince her to at least try to swim in a meet. It was a shyness issue, not a lack of enjoyment of swimming issue. She loves swim team, she just was not feeling comfortable with the idea of competing in a meet.
Can I just say...I am SO GLAD that I gave her a little push to just try it. She did awesome at the meet and really had fun. I asked if she wanted to continue to swim the meets and she did not hesitate to give a big smile and a big yes. I am so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone.
She swam 25 yd freestyle and took 2nd place in her heat for her first race.

Near the end of the meet (we have 200 swimmers on our team alone so the meets take FOREVER), she swam in the freestyle relay and also took 2nd place. She's looking forward to collecting some other ribbon colors in the upcoming meets.
Yay Jules! You could really tell how much she was enjoying the races by the big smile on her face. I was really worried that she would start crying and not even jump in when the horn blew. She never ceases to surprise me. When I'm worried she sails through things smoothly. When I think she'll be fine...sometimes things just fall apart (emotionally speaking). I think my best strategy is to stay perpetually worried, it seems to increase her odds of doing awesome.

Late Night

Someone was up way too late last night. He fell asleep on my bed at 11am. All was well and good until he peed in this position and soaked out of the front of his diaper, clothes, and through all the layers of my bedding. I was very thankful that my mattress pad has a rubbery waterproof backing. Yes, yes I am always doing laundry. Here you can see today's freshly folded piles...which I had to then move so that I could strip off all my bedding and wash it again.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Someone has an unfortunate fondness for cuddling with clean folded laundry.

No more cribs

We're shaking things up in the bed/furniture department around here. When I pushed Xander's crib out of his room and into the foyer he kept shouting "No, no, no, MINE." Then he scaled the side and threw himself down in it for awhile. I think his new bed is growing on him though. I really didn't expect him to have an attachment to the crib. I was surprised.


Daniel attended the girls end of the year awards ceremonies this year, and these pictures were the best he managed to do. I forgot to give him instructions on shooting in the bad gym lighting, and let's just say we're lucky J and her teacher didn't have their heads cut out of the frame (that would be more typical of his photo talents). ;-)

I can't believe they are going to be in 2nd and 4th grades next year. It is shocking. They did wonderfully in school this year. I hope that L&X are as easy when it comes to being model students. That would be sweet.


We're drowning in tomatoes over here. I don't even want to face all the red ones that are waiting for me to go pick them.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Leia finished up our Preschool co-op last Thursday with a combination graduation/water party. The kids had tons of fun. We enjoyed participating. As fun as it was though, I am looking forward to her being in a regular preschool this fall in our neighborhood. There was a lot of driving and killing time involved in preschool this past year. She really is an on the go type of girl and has begged to go to school 5 days a week throughout this whole year. Hopefully going from 2 times/week to 3 times/week will help alleviate her intense desire to be in school full time. Honestly, you'd think being home playing and running around town with me was torture or something the way she begs to go to school.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Great Water Bottle Search

My water drinking levels have fallen off significantly in recent years, and I'm trying to remedy that. Finding a water bottle that I like however, has been a major undertaking.

When I started teaching I had one of those giant 64 ounce water bottles that were the rage around 1999ish (sigh. I'm old). It was covered in facts about water. It was great because I filled it with ice water in the morning, and just kept it with me all day, to and from work, and was still drinking it at night. After I had my first baby though...that thing was too darn huge to drag around all the time.

Circa 2003, I had a water bottle that I was very attached to that I got from the hospital when Julianne was born. It was big, but not crazy big. It had a handle, and the top rotated so that the straw could move around the rim. Sadly, it fell apart after 3 years and it's not like I could replace it since it was from the hospital.

After Leia was born...forget about it. The last thing I was worried about between having #3 and #4 was my personal water consumption. Which brings us to now. I've been getting daily headaches for months, and the more water I drink, the less I seem to get them. I assume they must be at least partially related to dehydration. It's freaking hot here. So, I began searching for a water bottle that would fit my current lifestyle needs. The first one I bought...the hole was not big enough for ice. I might as well throw it away. If you can't put ice in a water bottle during TX summer...you might as well drink from a hot hose.

I found the one pictured above last night when I went to Walmart to get canning jars (long story). There was only one left on the shelf and it had no price tag. The shelf tag said $2, but I didn't think that was right. It was the perfect size for my cup holder (24oz), had a nice straw design (most straw ones shoot water everywhere), and had an ice compatible opening. Yes, I am just a little obsessive. Why do you ask?

I wanted that exact bottle price tag or no, so when the cashier was ringing me up I explained that it was the very last one of that size on the shelf, but I had no idea what the price was supposed to be. Tag said $2 but I doubt that's right..blah, blah, blah. He just charged me $2, because there was no way to figure out the right price.

Fast forward to today, I'm loving this bottle. Recommend. I'm drinking out of it for all of 30 seconds when Xander comes up whining for a drink, and then back washes pretzel crumbs into my bottle. I can not win. The kid will NOT drink water if you put it in his cup, but he proceeded to suck down 12 ounces of ice water from my new bottle. I would go get him his own, but I know they did not restock them in the last 12 hours.

I can't believe I wrote a post this long about a water bottle. I can't believe that you are still reading this. It's just so typical of the things that happen to those of us with young children on a daily basis, that it makes me laugh. You can't win.

P.S. I just noticed the bottle in the picture is slightly different than the one I got. The one in the photo doesn't have the cool straw lid part.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We had to speak at church on Sunday which was the primary focus of all my anxiety for the last week. I didn't do a lot of pre-planning for a Memorial Day trip to the beach with friends. We basically woke up really early Monday, I ran to the grocery store, and then we frantically threw things in the van to try and meet up at 7am with our group. My camera was one of the things that did not make it on this trip. Luckily, there were a lot of other cameras there, and a friend emailed me these 2 photos from the ones she took. Yay for people who were more prepared than me! We had a fun morning, then headed home around noon. I didn't want the kids to get too much sun, because it has been crazy hot here already.