Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Great Water Bottle Search

My water drinking levels have fallen off significantly in recent years, and I'm trying to remedy that. Finding a water bottle that I like however, has been a major undertaking.

When I started teaching I had one of those giant 64 ounce water bottles that were the rage around 1999ish (sigh. I'm old). It was covered in facts about water. It was great because I filled it with ice water in the morning, and just kept it with me all day, to and from work, and was still drinking it at night. After I had my first baby though...that thing was too darn huge to drag around all the time.

Circa 2003, I had a water bottle that I was very attached to that I got from the hospital when Julianne was born. It was big, but not crazy big. It had a handle, and the top rotated so that the straw could move around the rim. Sadly, it fell apart after 3 years and it's not like I could replace it since it was from the hospital.

After Leia was born...forget about it. The last thing I was worried about between having #3 and #4 was my personal water consumption. Which brings us to now. I've been getting daily headaches for months, and the more water I drink, the less I seem to get them. I assume they must be at least partially related to dehydration. It's freaking hot here. So, I began searching for a water bottle that would fit my current lifestyle needs. The first one I bought...the hole was not big enough for ice. I might as well throw it away. If you can't put ice in a water bottle during TX might as well drink from a hot hose.

I found the one pictured above last night when I went to Walmart to get canning jars (long story). There was only one left on the shelf and it had no price tag. The shelf tag said $2, but I didn't think that was right. It was the perfect size for my cup holder (24oz), had a nice straw design (most straw ones shoot water everywhere), and had an ice compatible opening. Yes, I am just a little obsessive. Why do you ask?

I wanted that exact bottle price tag or no, so when the cashier was ringing me up I explained that it was the very last one of that size on the shelf, but I had no idea what the price was supposed to be. Tag said $2 but I doubt that's right..blah, blah, blah. He just charged me $2, because there was no way to figure out the right price.

Fast forward to today, I'm loving this bottle. Recommend. I'm drinking out of it for all of 30 seconds when Xander comes up whining for a drink, and then back washes pretzel crumbs into my bottle. I can not win. The kid will NOT drink water if you put it in his cup, but he proceeded to suck down 12 ounces of ice water from my new bottle. I would go get him his own, but I know they did not restock them in the last 12 hours.

I can't believe I wrote a post this long about a water bottle. I can't believe that you are still reading this. It's just so typical of the things that happen to those of us with young children on a daily basis, that it makes me laugh. You can't win.

P.S. I just noticed the bottle in the picture is slightly different than the one I got. The one in the photo doesn't have the cool straw lid part.


Haas & Co. said...

I'm laughing because I DID just read that whole thing and found it to be interesting. Glad you found a nice bottle though, even if it is getting refilled with backwash. ;-)

Lara said...

I was having the same headaches and someone recommended the camelbak water bottle. I got the one with the flip top bite valve and haven't been without it since. My kids started stealing it so I went and bought each of them a kids one (smaller for their little hands and fun designs on them) and they haven't asked for a juice box or for me to get them a drink since they all just fill up their water bottles and go on their way.
They don't leak or spill AT ALL! so I can throw it in my purse or bag. Plus with the bite valve no pretzel yummy water ;)

Erika said...

I'll check it out, thanks!

Kimberly said...

I love my camelbac water bottles. Sometimes I feel like a baby drinking from a bottle but I love it so much and Lauren went to Target and bought the same one because she loves it so much.