Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swim Team continued

Yesterday was Bella's 2nd meet to compete. She only swam 1 race last week before the meet was called due to a combination of thunder and the other team forfeiting rather than waiting the 20 minutes to continue (they were getting beaten badly, the other team that is...but it was still annoying to go through all the work of a meet and not be able to swim all the races). She got a 3rd place ribbon for her heat in freestyle last week. This week she competed in freestyle again and backstroke.
Watch out...here she comes...
She still takes breaths like a woman drowning, but it's a work in progress...
...and she gets her first 1st place ribbon!
She was not as comfortable with competing in backstroke. I was so excited that she didn't get disqualified. A lot of kids get disqualified in the other strokes for various reasons. In the backstroke if you are not still on your back when your arm touches the wall, you are disqualified. No rolling over, or looking back when you touch the wall.

She got a 4th place ribbon for her backstroke. Juli was a little jealous because Bella now has 3 colors of ribbons, and she only has 2 red ones. They care less about their place than collecting the colors. :)I could eat that face. She is a delightful, delightful child to have. I am so glad she was my firstborn. If the birth order of these kids was reversed, I'd be in big trouble. :)

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