Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swim Team

Bella and Julianne are participating in our neighborhood swim team this year. Julianne was on the practice team (by choice) until this week when her coach and I managed to convince her to at least try to swim in a meet. It was a shyness issue, not a lack of enjoyment of swimming issue. She loves swim team, she just was not feeling comfortable with the idea of competing in a meet.
Can I just say...I am SO GLAD that I gave her a little push to just try it. She did awesome at the meet and really had fun. I asked if she wanted to continue to swim the meets and she did not hesitate to give a big smile and a big yes. I am so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone.
She swam 25 yd freestyle and took 2nd place in her heat for her first race.

Near the end of the meet (we have 200 swimmers on our team alone so the meets take FOREVER), she swam in the freestyle relay and also took 2nd place. She's looking forward to collecting some other ribbon colors in the upcoming meets.
Yay Jules! You could really tell how much she was enjoying the races by the big smile on her face. I was really worried that she would start crying and not even jump in when the horn blew. She never ceases to surprise me. When I'm worried she sails through things smoothly. When I think she'll be fine...sometimes things just fall apart (emotionally speaking). I think my best strategy is to stay perpetually worried, it seems to increase her odds of doing awesome.

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