Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We went on a little beach camping trip 2 weeks ago that turned into an epic camping disaster. I don't have the energy to write about it, because I already wrote a summary for Daniel's family website when questioned about it there. I'm just going to edit out the last names and repost it here.

I spent several months trying to find a location to beach camp (for Bella). I spent hours online and on the phone to get confirmation that all we needed to do was drive onto the beach access road beach in Matagorda Bay Nature Park and primitive tent camp. I planned the trip, which got bumped back several weekends in a row. The M's decided to join us.

We loaded up and got to the beach at 7pm. Got stuck once in the sand and pulled out by some friendly truck guys. One older gentleman who appeared to know what he was talking about told me that the tide was just going out, and wouldn't be in again until 12:30pm the next afternoon. He said we would be fine to just parallel park on the edge of the hard pack sand and camp overnight.

We set up camp. It was getting dark by the time we finished. M's showed up around 8pm. Set up their tent mostly in the dark with the boy scouts doing the set up to pass off some type of scout requirement. It looked dicey, but they'll have to elaborate on their side of the story.

Fed the kids. Started getting eaten by mosquitos. Used 2 mosquito preventing candles and much deep woods off with little success. Went to bed without making smores which ticked off the 8 kids, because no one brought firewood and it seemed late to fire up our charcoal grill just to attempt smores.

It's hot, and buggy. Leia and Xander wander around inside the tent refusing to lay down until after 11pm. 1:30am, tide appears to be getting closer to the vehicles. 3am ish M is at our tent door saying the water is lapping at our tires. The men try to drive the cars to safety. Daniel is in the lead. He freaks out and buries our van deep in the sand and seaweed. P manages to do better and get their van entirely on the patch of seaweed keeping it away from the water.

P and Daniel wake up another camper with a truck. They try unsuccessfully to free the vans. Ours is now buried even deeper. Tow truck is called at 3:30am. Tow truck takes 45 min to arrive. We wake up the kids and start closing up camp thinking we will need to pack up the vans when rescue arrives. Water is lapping at our van doors. Tow truck gets stuck attempting to reach our area. He calls a 2nd monster tow truck, which must come from 1.5 hours away. We watch a partial lunar eclipse. 2 hours later monster truck arrives to save us. He easily removes us from the sand. Our vehicle is mostly just dirty, no real damage done. Doors did not allow water in...just loads of sand spattered inside from spinning wheels in multiple attempts to free it. Various kids whine about wanting to swim, eat smores, etc. We load up the vans. Tow truck guy starts taking turns towing us each a little bit, then switching to the other. An annoying plan. Just tow one all the way out. We keep getting stuck every time he unhooks us and tries to let us drive out. Hook comes off during towing our van and hook punctures front tire. Daniel and tow truck guy have to dig spare tire out by shoveling sand out from under van. Tire gets changed. At 10am both vehicles finally reach entry road.

We decide to cut our losses and head home. Some of us nearly fall asleep driving due to exhaustion. M's follow us home so that the kids can swim together at our water park. Skies are sunny and clear all day...until we are about to swim. We get in the pool for, I kid you not approximately 60 seconds. Thunder starts. Thunder continues intermittently keeping us out of the water for about 45 minutes. Lifeguards finally allow everyone back in the water. We swim for an hour or so. M's go home. We pass out hard and miss church on Sunday morning. The end.


Shauna said...

Memorable for certain.

emilyw said...

Whoah, Nelly! THAT is a nightmare camping trip for sure! I imagine you will dread camping on a beach for a while. Ugh! I AM glad that you were safe though. :)