Monday, July 26, 2010

I had a very, very unfortunate hair incident on Saturday. I had spent a year growing it out from a stacked bob to past my shoulders. I agreed to let an apparently crazy woman trim it and add a few layers after she finished cutting Xander's hair. I ended up with a severe mullet. The shortest hairs were literally like 3 inches long on top of my head. It looked a little something like this...I kid you not. It was unbelievable. It was one length just past my shoulders and she did that to it. I almost died. Raced down to the real salon an hour later and had them do hair triage to save it as much as they could. They asked if the woman who cut it was blind. They asked if she was even looking at my head while she cut it. It was that bad. After an hour of damage control I am now sporting a 1970's Bruce Jenner haircut. Daniel would argue that it doesn't look that bad. But if I don't work really hard to pop out the bob formation with hair product, blow dryer and round brush...the weight is all wrong because of the super short parts and it looks just like this...
I'm trying to remember that it's only will grow back. I had hair almost this short last July and it had already grown all the way out pretty long in a year. So, how long could it possibly take to get better. I'm going to go back in about 8 weeks to continue to correct the shape as the short parts grow out. Not cool.

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