Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leia's 4th Birthday

As per usual, we are celebrating Leia's birthday over the course of several events spanning about a week. On Saturday night we went to Incredible Pizza (blech). We ate and played games. The kids had fun.

On Sunday after church we had lunch and cake and present opening at Grammy and Grampy's house. That event is the source of all of these photos. Today (Wednesday) Leia went on her birthday shopping date with Grammy and came home with the usual menagerie of self chosen birthday loot.

The final birthday event is the animal themed friend party that we've got planned for Friday. It's been quite a bit of work...but how could you argue with that face. She chose a "friend party at my house"...and that is what she is going to get. We have some fun things planned for that. Pictures will be forthcoming I'm sure.

Crazy eyes and a ketchup face.
By posting this photo I am only reinforcing Grammy's avoidance of me every time
I am holding a camera, especially since she is still recovering from a traumatic
hair coloring incident last week.
Not to diminsh my love of the crazy little stud muffin/Tasmanian devil that lives in our house...
but I wouldn't trade these sisters for anything in the world. They save my life every day as we venture through Xander's terrible two's. I don't know how people with high order multiples survive the more trying phases of their kids development when they are all going through the bad spots simultaneously.
Oh Le-le (reader note: we pronounce that lay-lay, she's the girl of a hundred nicknames) I can't believe you are 4 YEARS OLD! I just can't believe it. You are a joy to have in our family. Every day you tell me that you are bigger because you eat healthy foods and get good sleep. You measure yourself against every chair, counter, and table in the house and show me how big you are. You are awaiting kindergarten next year with extreme anticipation. You refuse to accept the reality that you are smaller/younger than your sisters. It's all just happening so fast...but not fast enough for your liking.

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